In 1971 Mattel introduced the RRRumblers Motorcycles. They were made of diecast frames and plastic bodies. Each came with a removable rider and a Track-Rack that allowed them to be used on Hot Wheels tracks.

New models were introduced in 1971, 1972 and 1973. Although no new models were released, sales coninued through the 1974 sales year.

They were manufactured in both Mexico and Hong Kong. Once Mattel finished with their run, they sold several of the Hong Kong castings to the Mexican CIPSA company, who with some small modifications and different colors also released them for sale.

The plastics and colors used in the RRRUmblers are the same as Mattel used in others of their products during those years, such as Sizzlers and Chopcylces. On paper, the Mexico and Hong Kong bikes were issued in the same colors. But as the providers of the plastics were different there are usually small differences in color shades between the two places of manufacture. CIPSA also used their own plastics with different shades, although their plastics were more brittle than Mattels and as such break more easily.

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