Shot Wheels

Wacky Package Sticker Cards: 1973-74

A spoof on
Hot Wheels

Wacky Packages
Sticker Cards
were the
original concept.

Sticker Card
Regular Topps Release
Late 1973 to early 1974

Sticker Card
Rare Wonder Bread Release
Late 1973 to early 1974

of the two.
  Tops Release Wonder Bread Release  
Shot Wheels BPs - 1989-91

Lemlin (89) Lemlin-OK EEKKKK (90) Lemlin-OK EEKKKKKK (91) Craparral P-U

Custom Cornvette Custom Creepside Dead Baron #1 Dead Baron #2


Eyes-T Heat Doggie #1 Heat Doggie #2 Locust Turbine




Blackwall car

P-4-1 Shoelihoutte Six Squidder Aahh-lieeeon
History of Shot Wheel BPs
Started in 1989 by J.P.S, a San Diego artist, who collected Hot Wheels and Matchbox.
The concept being a packaged version of the Wacky Package Sticker.
The first one created was the Lemlin, to match the car pictured on the sticker.

He also made Mashbox, having a similar wacky card with an actual trashed Matchbox car inside of it.

Some of these have been recreated by others over the years.

In 2006, J.P.S. begain re-issuing some of these as well as some new models.  All on updated cards.

12 items were originally made. (11 Redline & 1 Blackwall)
These were made on both Square and Tall versioned cards.
Others created re-makes of some of these.  Some can be seen above.

J.P.S. recalls the Lemlin being the best seller, followed by the Six Squidder, then Dead Baron.
Approximately 300 were made over the following years.
No per-model numbers were kept.
Several were in proto stage but never released.

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